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Did God have a wife?
Did ancient Israel worship a goddess?
Was a goddess worshipped in the Jerusalem Temple?
Were goddesses worshipped across Syro-Palestine?
Are the shovels of archaeology resurrecting what
the pens of history forgot?
He did, they did, she was, they were and they are!


6.6 Coin Asherah n Yahweh

The thousands of female figurines and artifacts discovered across Syro-Palestine attest to (1) goddess worship and (2) also indicate that Asherah, the Canaanite/Israelite goddess, was Yahweh’s primary wife.

Although a disturbing and blasphemous notion to some, the archaeological and historical evidence indicate that Asherah was actually but one of Yahweh’s wives. 

Coin 7.3 Asherah n Yawhen

Eventually, due to the rise of monotheism and its intolerance of a female presence, by the end of the seventh and sixth centuries BCE: 

2b.2 Asherah Between Ibex

“Asherah was the only major goddess surviving in Palestine.”
Gods, Goddesses and Images of God in Ancient Israel

Although some may find goddess worship a foreign and uncomfortable notion, the archaeological and historical evidence indicate she was there from the beginning.

In fact, a recent article in Biblical Archaeology Review, April DeConick discusses the loss of
the feminine component in religion:

3b.8 Veg Asherah on Armored

“Indeed, worship of the Mother God in conjunction with the Father God can be demonstrated to have occurred within ancient Israel.
Both the Bible and archaeology confirm this. 
So it isn’t that the Mother God was absent from their worship.
Rather she was consciously eradicated from worship by the religious authorities.”

Elaborating further, DeConick states: 

“The early Catholic Christians gradually repressed the female aspect of the Christian Godhead, 
and a bogus story developed that she was never there to begin with. It is this storyline that we are most familiar with and have bought into for 2,000 years.”
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